Why you should become a member of ESN Torino?

  • You can take part to our trips!
  • If you are an international student in Turin we'll give you the ESNcard allowing you to get many discounts (es. Ryanair, Flixbus...): more details here!


How to become a member?

  1. Register on Jupiter 

  2. Pay the membership fee

  3. Collect your ESNcard

  4. Register your card on esncard.org


Follow the steps below:


1. Register on Jupiter portal

To be a member we need to collect your personal data.

Register on Jupiter here


2. Pay the membership fee

Once you registered on Jupiter you should pay € 10.00.

ESN Torino membership is valid for one year.

  1. Pay cash or by card when you collect the ESNcard

  2. Pay via PayPal here:

Choose an option
t-shirt size (welcome pack)
Name and Surname


You will receive by email your Jupiter password and you will be able to register to our events on Jupiter portal.

You won't receive the email immediately, contact us only if you don't receive the email after one day. Check the spam folder!


What's the Welcome Pack?

Welcome Pack (+8€) includes: our bag, our bracelet and our t-shirt !


3. Collect your ESNcard and welcome pack

You need to print a passport-size picture by yourself or in a machine, there's one here!

Then come to our office, check opening time and location here:



4. Register your ESNcard

Register your card on esncard.org to take advantage of the discounts offered by the ESNcard!

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