Are you tired of spending another Sunday in Turin? Would you like to explore and discover different sites of interest nearby our city without the stress of a more than one day trip? Do you like Italian food and would you try some tipical regional dishes?

Come with us on 12th May to our amazing trip to Aosta, one of the most well known city here in Italy, famous for its food, traditions and landscapes!

Here are some details about the trip:

We will meet on Sunday 12th May at 8.45 am, near Porta Nuova (lato via Nizza).

Once left Turin by bus, our first stop will be the Fénis Castle, pride of the city with its long story and its original structure. In fact the castle is not situated on the top of a promontory, but rather on a small knoll in contrast with the traditional defence structure since it was thought only to be the prestigious seat of the Challant family. We are going to have a guided tour of the castle and its surrounding

After the visit we'll have a lunch break all together in the surrounding of the castle (remember to bring your own packed lunch!)

Afterwards we will leave for Aosta, a concentration of history and added picturesque traditions. The town has Roman origins, as it is evident from its name, which evokes its founder: the Emperor Augustus. We are going to spend the afternoon there visiting the city with a city-tour realized by your beloved ESNrs. There’s also the possibility to visit the inside of some roman sites of the city, it only costs 5€.

How to complete the perfect trip without experiencing the local food? That’s why we are all going to have a traditional dinner in the city before leaving. Is going to be the best occasion to embrace the culture of Aosta and to end the journey.

Then we will return to Turin safe and sound at 23.00 pm where we met in the morning.

So many good reasons to join and none for missing it, DO NOT MISS IT YOU WON’T REGRET IT AT ALL!!!

The fee is 33€ and includes:
-visit to the castle
There is also the opportunity of visiting Roman sites for only 5€ more!

Link VERSE to pay for option WITHOUT Roman sites (comment the payment with your name and surname):

Link VERSE to pay for option that INCLUDES roman sites (comment the payment with your name and surname):


WHEN: Sunday 12th May H 8.45 AM

WHERE: near Porta Nuova Station (via Nizza side)

ESNcard is mandatory!

FEE: 38€ (with roman site) or 33€ (without roman site) by VERSE or at our office hours !!


( REMEMBER that you have to fill the registration with all your registry information and most important with your phone number with prefix !!)

We advise you to register as soon as possibile on Jupiter to secure a spot for the trip, you will later have the chance to confirm your participation by paying when the FEE will be updated.


Meeting point: 8.45 am Porta Nuova (lato via Nizza)

9.00 am: leaving Turin by bus

11.00 am : Fenis castle visit

Lunch break ( remember the packed lunch)

14.30 pm: leaving the castle

15.00 pm: arriving Aosta + city tour

Free time

19.00 pm: tipical aostan dinner

23.00 pm: arrive to Torino

12/05/2019 - 09:00 to 23:00
Meeting Point: 
Porta Nuova 8:45
33€ (+5€ for visit of roman sites)
What's included: 
  • Round trip by bus
  • Fenis Castle entrance
  • Typical dinner
  • Visit of roman sites (+5€)
  • An ESNcard of this section required.