Are you an incoming Erasmus student who has no idea on how the University works, as well as all the other bureaucracy? Are you feeling a bit lost? Wanna know something more about the Italian lifestyle?

Or maybe you just came back from your Erasmus experience and you wanna help incoming students making their experience unforgettable while practicing a foreign language and explore the city together!

Well, hooray! You've both come to the right place.

The ESN Buddy System connects both of these two kinds of people, by assigning incoming students to locals (the "Buddies") in one-to-one matches.
The buddies will help exchange students during their stay whenever the incomings:

  • have any sort of question about life and studying in Turin,
  • are looking for the inside scoop on where to go in Turin,
  • or would simply like to hang out with locals.

All incoming students are welcome to join the Buddy System if they want to, and of course, it is not compulsory to participate.

You can apply by registering to the Papaya portal!

Matching Progress

Matching happens over time because new people register continuously
You'll normally be matched a few days before your arrival in Turin.
Please be patient with us, assignments go out every few days between a month before the start of the semester and about 2-3 weeks after the start of the semester.

If you have further questions about how the Buddy System is working, just contact us at

We hope you'll have lots of fun with the buddy system! wink